Introduction of cable making

Work Experience and Influence on Capacity Building Inside

Work Experience and Influence on Capacity Building: The products of this company are in addition to the Ministry of Energy and Communications in most of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and in ten other projects in the field of oil production. Gas, pressure boosting stations and various petrochemical complexes and various phases of South Pars and oil and gas fields. The capacity of the complex is planned to meet the needs of the home. Petropars Project Experience: Major partnerships with EPCs such as IPMI-OIEC, Sahel Civil, Driz, El Hadi, Khatam Al-Anbiyah, Khatam Al-Anbiya, 19 and 22, and 22 and 23 Faraji Ave. That’s useless. Hardware, Software, and Employment Opportunities: Extensive offshore and offshore equipment in accordance with the right to reproduce the products in this limited liability company with a total employment of approximately 250 persons. .


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