Increasing the efficiency of the wire and cable industry with nanotechnology
مرداد ۱۵, ۱۳۹۸

Iran Cable manufacturing company was established in Oct . 1965 with joint venture of Iranian and German parties under name of Iran-Bayka Cable Mfg .CO.Factory was built on 5 acres area in Tehran wich was commissioned in 1967 .

Considering the increasing need of industries and expansion of communication system in the country , the company established another factory in Shiraz which was commissioned in 1977 .

In 1982 the name of company changed to Iran Cable Mfg . Co and in 1989 Iranian share holders owned 100% of the company .

Now the company with about 250 employees in two factories has capacity of consuming about 10800 tons of copper ,expandable to 12000 tons for production of power and communication cables carrying national and international standards such as ISIRI , TCI , IEC , VDE , and BS .

The range of the production consists of LV , MV , and HV cables in different types of armored and lead sheath or non armored

.The factory now is holding the newest CCV line for manufacturing MV and HV cables with support of the most advanced HV laboratory which can test the manufactured cables completely .

The shiraz factory is specifically designed and managed for producing all types of telecommunication cables including fiber optic cables and all types of copper telecom . cables under the highest possible international standards .

The company also presents services such as consulting advices in cable design , cable selection , cable path choosing,

and cable installation and after installation tests .

Enjoying continuous support of Iranian copper industries , close co-operation with Iran petro-chemical industries , and

increasing ability of the company to obtain suitable situation in international markets , we can strongly announce that ,the products of our company are completely competitive with respect to quality and price point of view.

So , business relation with Iran Cable Mfg . CO brings more profit to the customers .

The produvts of iran cable divided nto three major groups.

-Power wires & cables(LV-MV-HV)

-Telecommunication Copper Wires & cables

-Telecommunication Optical FIber cables