Iran Baika Cable Company was founded in October 1344 and a 5 ha factory was built in Tehran.


Starting operation with 3600 km capacity of power cable and telephone


Changing a company from a public company to a public corporation


Due to the growing needs of the country’s industries and telecommunications system, the company built a 17-hectare plant in Shiraz, which began operating in 1976.


The Board of Directors of the National Iranian Industrial Organization and external shareholders took over the management of the Company’s affairs.


The elected directors of the National Iranian Industrial Organization, the directors of the National Organization for the Development of Ownership of Production Units and the National Investment Company of Iran took over the company.


The company changed its name to “Iranian Cable Manufacturing Company”.


Baika Company has transferred all of its rights and ownership to the National Iranian Industrial Organization for some reason.


Operating licenses for Tehran factories with capacity of 8030 tons and Shiraz with capacity of 8500 tons of copper have been modified as separate capacity.


In 1995, according to the agreement of 14,000 shares equivalent to 31.11% of the Iranian National Industrial Organization’s transferring stock, 1841 shares were bought by employees and 400 shares were distributed to managers and 11759 surplus shares were purchased by Pars Toche Investment Co. .


Purchase and Operation of Group Tuner Machinery in Shiraz Factory


Launch of fiber optic cable production line in Shiraz factory and high pressure cable production line in Tehran factory.


The major shareholders of the company decided to sell their shares to Niroo Ramshir and Sepehr Kabul, both of which are active in the wire and cable industry, hence the National Iranian Investment Company, Pars Toche Investment, Tadbir Investment, Telecommunication Cables. Shahid Ghandi, Bahman Group, and the families of Rahimzadeh Khoi and Tasuji completely sold their shares during these transfers respectively to Sepehr Kabul Company, Ms. Khatereh Ebrahimi, Mr. Ebrahim Khalili, Mr. Javad Erfanian Azimzadeh Khosravi, Reza Erfanian Azimzadeh Khosravi and Khanam Erfanist song Azimzadeh Khosravi Major Shares of Kabul Construction Company Iran, which holds 31.112.932 shares of 37.800.000 shares, is worth mentioning that the percentage of the total shareholder of the major shareholders is 30.82% and the remainder is 70.17% of the shareholders.

The company now owns more than 35 billion riyals of equity and about 144 personnel in an area of 22 hectares and under construction of 33800 square meters with 17220 square meters of production halls with a capacity of 10800 tons of copper and telecommunication cables. International and Iranian production and this capacity can be increased to 12,000 tons of copper.