Introduction of cable making

Prominent and prominent manufacturers of 132 kV cables in Iran

The 132 kV cable production line of Iran Cable Manufacturing Company has been inaugurated and operated in January 2008. Due to the high consumption of high voltage cables in Iran and the presence of only a few Iranian companies in the domestic market, Iran Cable Company is now one of the 3 companies producing 132 kV cables in Iran. At present, due to the use of all kinds of automated machinery and equipment, our manufactured products are of high quality and there is no impediment to their production and due to the capacity of the two-thousand ton cabling company in Iran, a large market share The interior is supplied by the company’s products and even marketed overseas. Foreign investment to build the line has been around € 6 million, plus about 30 billion riyals for ancillary work such as building and facilities. Niroo Ramshir Engineering & Commerce Corporation is one of the main representatives of Iranian Cable Company and in fact we are the first customer of 132kV cable and we consider this company as the founder of 132kV cable in Kabul Iran. Engineer Javad Erfanian, CEO of Niroo Ramshir, who has completed the process of obtaining a typing test and obtaining quality certificates from an independent and international laboratory in the Netherlands, commented on the technical features and capabilities of the line by explaining its advantages. “According to tests carried out in the field of cable manufacturing, Iran’s cable production line is among the best in the Middle East and Asia for high-pressure cable production lines,” according to experts at the International Cable Structure Laboratory. The unique quality of cable made by cable factory of Iran It is the first in the Middle East. And because of the use of fully automatic machines, it is one of the most modern production lines in the world, which has been installed in this Iranian cable factory for about 8 years. “The results of the typing test obtained by the Dutch company and the figures and figures provided prove this claim.”

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