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The first Afghanistan-Iran joint industrial exhibition opened in Kabul

The first Afghanistan-Iran joint industrial exhibition opened in Kabul The first joint industrial exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Iran opened today in Kabul. The exhibition opened at the Uranus Hotel with the participation of our country’s officials and the Iranian ambassador to Kabul and representatives of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Azarakhsh Hafezi, Head of International Relations of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Iran, said that organizing such exhibitions is a valuable and effective step for the growth and development of trade between the two neighboring countries and the culture of Afghanistan and Iran. Creates for two countries. Iranian Ambassador to Kabul Abolfazl Zohrehvand said: “This exhibition is useful for forming various interactions, especially in the trade sector between the two countries and brings the two countries in the path of joint cooperation.” He noted: Iran and Afghanistan are two friendly and brotherly countries and are very close in terms of culture, history, language, etc. The technology coming from IRI to Afghanistan is understandable for Afghans and Afghans themselves. They can manage it. He pointed out that Iran now has trade relations with 180 countries of the world, adding: Given the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran, unlike the Western countries, this shows that the Islamic Republic is not isolated. Following the ceremony, Ali Zafarzadeh, head of the Khorasan Razavi Province’s Ministry of Industry and Mines, called the holding of the joint Afghan-Iranian trade fair an important step towards boosting economic and trade relations between the two countries and said: “This exhibition has two reasons for both countries.” It is important because the economic and economic position of the two countries is the support, determination and determination of the two nations to the private sector of Afghanistan and Iran. He cited the second reason for the improvement of Afghanistan’s economic indicators in recent years and said: In recent years, Afghanistan has seen significant growth in GDP, per capita income, and so on. Dr. Hassan Abdollahi, Minister of Interior, also noted the development of the joint Afghan-Iranian Industrial Exhibition as a positive step towards strengthening the two countries’ relations, adding that the Afghan Ministry of Urban Development has supported Iran’s creation of an exhibition in the field of construction and construction Helps two countries in the construction sector. Dr. Sadr al-Din Sahar, deputy head of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, said the exhibition was effective in sharing the interactions between the two countries. “Such exhibitions are useful for learning from each other’s experiences and will lead us to the editing of international exhibitions.” He added: “The level of imports in Afghanistan has been higher than that of exports. We must strive to extract the country’s underground resources so that we can balance the level of imports and exports.” He added that due to the good relations between the two countries Iran and Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran is going to build an iron line from Qalat Eli port of Herat province. It is worth mentioning that there are 25 Afghan manufacturing companies operating in different sectors such as fruit processing, medical supplies, handicrafts, carpets, ornaments, furniture and furniture, precious and semiprecious stones at the joint Afghan-Iran trade fair. In 25 booths they have exhibited their products. Also, 38 Iranian manufacturing companies in the Shear sections of Bob, Electronic Equipment, Construction Equipment, Detergents, Machinery, Gas Balloons and more have displayed their products in 38 booths. This is the first joint expedition between Afghanistan and Iran, which will continue for three days in cooperation with the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 8-10 June this year at the Uranus Palace Hotel.

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